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I’m really pleased to be voted by my peers to be in the top 50 UKhousing Digital Power Players 2014.

But with power comes responsibility. So I thought instead of just basking in the glory of being number 38 I’d actually sit down and commit to ‘paper’ what I’m going to do to live up to being a ‘PowerPlayer’. Here are my three pledges:


Pledge 1: Grow the Housing Comms Cake Club:


I made this list thanks to the votes from comms folk who join me at the ‘housing comms cake club’. It’s a network I created to have a place and a time for us to get together and share ideas to be brilliant communicators. It’s a place where we can talk honestly about our epic communication failures. I’m really proud of how the club has grown over the past year. I pledge to schedule more clubs in the diary and to continue to push this blog as a platform for people to share their thoughts on good housing comms for those who can’t come along to the club.


Pledge 2: Get better connected with my fellow national housing organisations comms bods.


The comms bods for the CIH, National Housing Federation and HouseMark have all connected with me as the comms lead for TPAS on a special Yammer group I’ve created. I’m hoping through this network we can collaborate better when it comes to leading change and raising awareness of really important messages across and beyond the sector.


Pledge 3: Help raise the voice of tenants and those at the front line:


My most important and challenging pledge.


Over the last year my organisation, TPAS England has supported #HousingDay, #CouncilHomesChat, #SHOUT for housing and the #reallifereform. All of these are very worthy campaigns, built on powerful stories to influence change. TPAS probably have the largest reach of involved tenants across England, but we’ve had limited actual tenant and front line engagement with our messages about these campaigns. This year I’m going to step this up a gear. At the TPAS Annual Conference we’ll have around 250 tenants and housing staff from across the country. I pledge to support the #CouncilHomesChat team who’ll be gathering housing stories and contacts direct from delegates and I’ll live tweet with #SHOUT crew whilst they run a workshop. To support this in the build up to the event I pledge to create and send out some simple tips for our delegates on how they can get on twitter or start their own blog before the event. Finally, I’ll also pledge to try and squeeze in to do some 10 minute ‘social media’ sessions with delegates during the networking spots.

Thank you again for all the votes. It’s really inspired me to be placed amongst some of these digital heavy weights and fills me with ambition to do more to live up to my nominations!



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